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More Than School Uniforms For Schools

With continued efforts to outdo each other on the league tables, schools are under ever increasing pressure to out-perform their rival schools in so many other ways. When parents and prospective pupils take time out to visit schools in their local area ahead of making those all-important choices, schools want to push the boat out and look the part; first impressions are lasting ones after all.

At SpeedStitch, we understand that it’s not just the pupils who represent the school and its values by wearing smart, sharp school uniforms with the school logo and motto clearly displayed. School staff are also expected to dress appropriately and while the average classroom teacher may not be expected to wear a specific, prescribed uniform, schools could really stand out from the rest in terms of image and practicality by investing in some customised kit for various departments and staff members. We can provide the whole package here at SpeedStitch.

PE Departments could benefit from team kits, numbered and personalised bibs, and staff kit that helps them endure those outdoor away fixtures in any weather. We have a full range of weather proof garments that can be personalised and customised with the school’s logo.

Science and Technologies Departments may wish to personalise and customise their lab coats and aprons. Our online catalogue offers an extensive range of aprons and service wear that can all be embroidered and printed.

Schools’ IT technicians are indispensable nowadays. They could do with being recognised, perhaps with an embroidered polo shirt, or one that has their job title printed in vinyl on the back.

Caretakers, canteen staff and mid-day assistants are all vital members of school communities. Hi-Vis vests, embroidered and printed polo shirts, weather proof jackets and other durable clothing are all available to order from SpeedStitch to provide to your staff as they undertake their duties. Customising will make these members of staff instantly recognisable and will help hugely in terms of practicality and efficiency.

As specialists in clothing embroidery and print, SpeedStitch are happy to assist your school in being that cut above the rest.

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