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All Change…

Some like change, some don’t. No matter what your preference is, sometimes change is inevitable and sometimes it is just necessary. But with change comes risk, and with risk comes apprehension. In business, no matter how big or small, changes more often than not mean development. Very few businesses like to remain static and though the phrase “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” can spring to mind when what is being done already seems to be working, even the subtlest of changes can make for significant growth.
At SpeedStitch, we are constantly reassessing our systems and methods in an attempt to offer the best possible embroidery and print service to our customers. One of our recent assessments has flagged up the need for extra machines in our workshop. This will mean huge changes for our workshop team, but we believe this will be for the better in the long run.
Though we offer clothing printing services like vinyl printing, screen printing, digital transfer printing etc., embroidery is the more popular choice for many of our customers. Firstly, because it can be more durable on workwear (whether that’s on polos, fleeces and hoodies for construction companies or on shirts, ties and blazers for our corporate customers) and can stand out with its texture. But also because many of our customers want their company logo on garments and the embroidered finish to these company logos is far more appealing than a flat printed look. Another reason we embroider more is due to SpeedStitch being a school uniform supplier. Schools like their logos embroidered on jumpers, polos, PE clothing, blazers, hats, caps, bags and pretty much anything else they require their students to wear. We supply uniform for many of the local schools in Waltham Forest and beyond and so to meet the demand of the embroidery needs of these schools and our business and leisure customers throughout the year, we have decided that it is time for some new machines! So over the next few weeks, there will be lots of movement in the workshop and in the stockrooms to accommodate our brand new Tajimas. Exciting times ahead as we embrace the growth and development. Any initial apprehension has quickly faded and we are looking forward to being able to offer our embroidery services to many more over the next few years.

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