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Fashion Stole Her Smile

Fashion Stole Her Smile

Some of us here at SpeedStitch are unashamedly massive fans of Victoria Beckham! She certainly caused a stir here in the office when she launched her Limited Edition ‘Fashion Stole My Smile’ t-shirts. They’re such a simple, yet effective idea and totally in keeping with the slogan-tee trend of 2017.

VB claims the inspiration for this printed t-shirt came from her own comments in an interview where she remarked that her seemingly sullen expression has only been part of her signature look since she began working in the Fashion industry, claiming, “Fashion Stole My Smile”.

We really felt for poor VB; she’s obviously been so affected by the industry that she feels she the need to explain her expressions and emotions in a printed t-shirt, and charge £95 for it. Having examined the t-shirt, we realised that at the price she was having to sell these at, her suppliers and printers must be charging extortionate rates…it’s no wonder she can’t smile! She should have come to SpeedStitch! We decided we had to get involved…

Therewith began the ‘Bring Back VB’s Smile’ Campaign! We took a humble, plain white t-shirt and using our cutting software, we vectored the all important expressive text. Then, we took our finest sheet vinyl and cut those words out through our cutting plotter, and placed them carefully in position before bonding them onto the tshirt with our heat press. And there it was…our very first #BringBackVBsSmile campaign tshirt!

It was time to share this with VB’s fans to drum up some support for our beloved VB, so we posted a picture on our social media accounts. The reaction was overwhelming and we had people from all over the globe looking for these printed t-shirts. We had a Danish Blogger @itsemilyeileen feature us on her website after she recieved her #BringBackVBsSmile t-shirt. And the result of our #BringBackVBsSmile Campaign? It caused such a stir that VB herself gave us a double-tap on Instagram!! A virtual smile from VB - now that’s good enough for us ;-)

To get your very own printed t-shirt, contact us today on enquiries@speedstitch.co.uk

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