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Back to School Important Information

Back to School Important Information

It’s almost that time of year again where schools are winding down and parents are beginning to wonder how they will keep their children entertained for the 6 week summer break! Holidays are booked, summer camp places are filled and the last thing on parents’ minds is the first week in September when there is a sudden realisation that a certain PE kit didn’t return after Sports Day, that somebody has had a massive growth spurt in the holidays so their school trousers are now 2 inches too short or that a school blazer has been used one too many times as a goal post! Panic sets in, back to school calendars are checked and there is a glimmer of hope that there might just be an INSET day planned that will buy an extra day or two of time for the new term’s school uniform shopping! And that’s just the start of it….

SpeedStitch are school uniform suppliers for approximately 40 local primary and secondary schools and have been in the School Uniform business for almost 20 years. In those almost 20 years of Back to School seasons, there has always been one thing that remains consistent in our shops from the end of August to mid-September…that is QUEUES! Yes - Back to School Queues adding to those Back to School Blues! With increasing numbers of schools recommending us each year, it is important that we remind our prospective and returning customers that we do open all year round and that it does get extremely busy during the time-frame already mentioned. We would highly recommend that you visit us in-store before 18th August this summer to avoid very long queues and to avoid any disappointment in terms of stock availability. We have worked hard to put a number of strategies in place this year to help make this busy season as efficient as possible, but one thing we cannot control is the number of people wanting to visit our shop on any given day. Please bear in mind, particularly if you are bringing your child for a first school uniform fitting that it will be much quieter from now (end of June) until around 18th August. It is also possible to buy from us online where we offer a ‘Click & Collect’ and home delivery service.

If you have any queries regarding any of this, please email or call us and we will be happy to help.

See you before the 18th August hopefully ;-)

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