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The Apprentice 2017

The Apprentice 2017

Lord Sugar’s 70th Birthday gave us much to celebrate here at SpeedStitch.

On Wednesday 1st November, we had our 60 seconds of fame on Episode 5 of this years The Apprentice on BBC One. We’re not sure how our business was found or how we were chosen as Embroiderers for one of the teams, but we are certainly not complaining.
We got the call on the morning this episode was filmed and of course, excitement spread from the office down to the workshop and we were all intrigued as to how it would be done and whether, in the end, we would actually feature on the show. We were fortunate to meet three of this year’s candidates, Baroness Karen Brady and the film crew. The overall brief for the teams was a treasure hunt type task where the candidates had to resourcefully and efficiently obtain items related to Lord Sugar’s life, in keeping with the theme of his birthday celebrations. One such item on the list was to source a handkerchief and have Lord Sugar’s initials embroidered on it. For us, this is a standard monogramming service, so it was an ideal task for the team at SpeedStitch.

The whole experience was genuinely similar to a standard express service for us, apart from the camera crew and Karen Brady’s presence of course. Font style had to be chosen and set up for our Tajima embroidery machines, colours had to be selected from our huge range of Madeira threads and our workshop team had to set up the design and frame the handkerchief, ready to be embroidered. When all the work was done, and the candidates were happy with the quality of the monogram embroidery on the handkerchief, they all packed up and left and we would have to patiently wait to hear from the production team as to whether we would feature on an episode. That afternoon, we were exhausted from the excitement and headed to our local bistro, The Galley E17, for some lunch and afterwards, a de-brief in the office amongst ourselves on what had just happened.

When we received the email to say that we would indeed be appearing on the 1st November, Adrian, one of our Directors began to subtly panic! He was the one that was filmed, and he was now wondering how he would come across on the television. For any followers of this year’s show, you will most certainly know Elizabeth. Fortunately for us, Elizabeth was on the team that came to visit us. Elizabeth, we thank you for your use of the word ‘please’ at least 5 times, we thank you for haggling until Adrian reduced the cost to half the original price and we thank you for fighting for that extra 50p discount! Because you were happy to “do us for 50p”, fans of the show have taken to Social Media to make their opinions known and Adrian who was wearing the SpeedStitch logo on his work polo-shirt has had his face flaunted across multiple Social Media channels, much to the amusement our many customers who continue to remind him of this. It has been a fantastic experience for us. It created a remarkable ‘buzz’ and we have even had new enquiries from people who saw us on the show.

Thank you for the opportunity, Lord Sugar ;-)

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