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Before joining the family business in 2016, I spent a year and a half planning our wedding. In the process, I followed so many social media pages boasting top tips and ideas for wedding planning and I signed up to so many updates on the latest products and services rocking the nuptials world. I unashamedly offered my email address to so many companies offering freebies and the potential to win fabulous prizes and I was constantly on the look-out for discounts and bargains. Weddings can be expensive after all! It worked in my favour too! Not sure whether it was the ‘luck o’ the Irish’ or whether statistically I was destined to win with the amount of competitions I had signed up to, but either way, I’m glad I signed up…it saved us a fortune. It cost me nothing to enter these competitions apart from volunteering my email address and I have since chosen to simply ‘unsubscribe’ from the ones I have had enough information from (though admittedly, I still like to receive the odd update – brings back memories of a fabulous day!).

So how does this link to SpeedStitch? Well, despite being reminded that our business is not necessarily one that people seek to continually access all year round (school uniform customers come mainly in August and September, and only very reluctantly throughout the rest of the year if children have grown out of or lost part of their uniform, and many embroidery and print customers will only come when they need to also), I decided to give some discounts and offers a try! Since I’ve been here, we’ve offered 20% discounts, free printed tote bags, free (useful) gadget pens, the chance to win vouchers for simply leaving us your email address, the chance to win vouchers by posting a picture with the free tote bag, a pair of embroidered robes, a Result Workguard jacket and more recently, 25% off your total order by quoting two words.

To my absolute shock, no matter how much we announced these offers on our premises, website & social media accounts, the response to most of these has been extremely poor! Do people not value freebies and discounts anymore?! Perhaps it’s the industry we’re in? Is it the discount or freebie itself that’s not appealing? Or maybe people are simply not bothered? I would love to have some genuine feedback on this, so if anybody reads this (the title ‘Giveaways!’ probably won’t help!!), please do email me on sinead@speedstitch.co.uk with your thoughts before I attempt another failed giveaway!

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