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The Small Awards

The Small Awards

One of the highlights of the last year for the team at SpeedStitch was the excitement of our small, family-run embroidery and print business being nominated for a small business award and ultimately winning The Legacy Award for Best Family Business at The Small Awards 2018.

Any small business will appreciate the worth of any form of recognition, be it word of mouth recommendations or a positive Google or Facebook tag. The value of the whole experience of the awards has been, for us, priceless.
The buzz that surrounded the nomination, and the invitation to the black-tie event in London was fantastic. We never expected to win the award and were absolutely chuffed to be nominated, so to be able to dress up and head up town on a school night with no expectations was just wonderful.

We met so many lovely people with amazing businesses on the night and it was great to be able to share stories. A lot can be learned from listening to the experiences of others even those in entirely different areas of business.
When our category was announced and our names were called, I’m not sure how to describe the emotions exuded at our table and as we accepted our award. Shock, excitement, elation, pride…the list goes on. And those feelings have continued with us into 2019.

Of course, we shared our news across our Social Media channels and we have received so many lovely messages of congratulations and support, which we really appreciate. The most significant part of this whole experience, however, is how it has made us pause for a moment to look back at where it all began and why we do what we do. We have come such a long way and winning this Legacy Award for Best Family Business has had us bursting with pride and excited for what the future has in store.

Thank you, Small Awards for a wonderful experience.

Check us out in the Hall of Fame here: https://thesmallawards.uk/hall-of-fame

Photograph courtesy of The Small Awards

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