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Where It All Began

Our story begins in 1998.

We began by buying a franchise in the School Uniform industry. With increasing market pressures, costs and consumer desire to purchase from supermarkets, we sought ways to improve cash flow by purchasing our own embroidery machine. This meant we didn’t need to outsource and pay for the embroidery and it reduced the need to hold larger volumes of stock. Further pressures and issues with the franchise, meant we were forced to close the original business in 2008 and this is where SpeedStitch was born. Being two weeks away from losing everything, including our homes, the family was tested beyond imagination. We began SpeedStitch with a budget of zero and a lot of hard work, both physically and mentally. We used every ounce of strength and resourcefulness we had to create our very own School Uniform Shop and Embroidery & Print business which has flourished and continues to develop over time. It has been difficult at times, but it is our absolute faith in each other as a family that has brought us this far. Patience and trust in one another and sheer determination has been crucial for our growth to date and for the future success of our business.

In fact, if we were to attribute the success of this business to date, it would be due to the commitment, perseverance, and involvement of the entire family. Blood, sweat and tears have been shed over the years trying to build this business literally from the ground up. As a family, we are all involved in one way or another, including partners and the next generation! It is a testament to the respect we have for one another that we have come through so many challenges and have come out the other end closer than ever. From summer months ideally spent with our kids sacrificed to facilitate the summer ‘Back to School’ season, our busiest time of year, to becoming expert builders, accountants, embroiderers, and business developers (to name a few areas of expertise we’ve had to adopt), there have certainly been some testing times for us. To have overcome such challenges and to now be able to come to work everyday knowing what we have become and to be excited about where we can take this business in the future makes it all worthwhile.

We are continuing to build our presence as a family business and can now proudly call ourselves an Award Winning Business, having won the Legacy Award for Best Family Business in 2018. We will continue to be hands-on as a family so that our work ethic and values are maintained and so that anybody who joins us on our journey can be a part of the extended SpeedStitch family as we follow that dream.

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