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Supporting Other Local Businesses

While the Christmas season is generally the busiest time of year for retailers, for the team here at SpeedStitch, we are just about recovering from our crazy Back2School season! The embroidery and print orders come through steadily throughout the year, but the need for school uniform reduces drastically to the occasional lost tie or two. This is when we place our pre-orders with our suppliers for the following year and work on the targets we make having reviewed our busy season.

Small Business Saturday UK falls on the first Saturday in December every year. The idea behind the

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The Apprentice 2017

Lord Sugar’s 70th Birthday gave us much to celebrate here at SpeedStitch.

On Wednesday 1st November, we had our 60 seconds of fame on Episode 5 of this years The Apprentice on BBC One. We’re not sure how our business was found or how we were chosen as Embroiderers for one of the teams, but we are certainly not complaining.
We got the call on the morning this episode was filmed and of course, excitement spread from the office down to the workshop and we were all intrigued as to how it would be done and whether, in the end, we would actually feature on the

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Leavers Hoodies 2018

It might seem a little premature moving from Back2School straight into talking about school leavers, but knowing the pressures students and teachers are under coming close to exam time and the end of summer term, we thought we’d try and alleviate some of that pressure by helping to tick the ever-popular Leavers Hoodies job off the list.

Given that our area of expertise is garment decoration and that we have been suppliers of School Uniform for almost 20 years, it is only natural that we would be able to offer much more than school uniform for our schools. Our aim is to deliver a

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Winter Workwear Wardrobe

Winter Workwear Wardrobes may be the last thing on our minds as we struggle to let go of the summer months, but with the darker evenings setting in and the notable drop in temperatures, now is a good time to get prepared for the long winter months ahead. We may have been able to get away with wearing polo shirts and jeans or lightweight shirts with trousers until now but the weather can change suddenly and we all need to be able to transition to that Winter Wardrobe very quickly.
SpeedStitch have a huge catalogue of clothing and accessories suitable for all climates and

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Behind the Scenes - Back2School 2017

As Back2School Season 2017 draws to a close, school uniform suppliers everywhere are making every effort to ensure any last-minute orders are fulfilled, that shelves and rails are sufficiently restocked and that plans are in place for a much-needed battery recharge in the not too distant future!

The 6-week summer break along with the month of September is the busiest time of year for suppliers like ourselves here at SpeedStitch. It can almost be likened to exam time for students – the long-term preparation, the last-minute stresses, the main event, the exhaustion afterwards and

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Back to School Important Information

It’s almost that time of year again where schools are winding down and parents are beginning to wonder how they will keep their children entertained for the 6 week summer break! Holidays are booked, summer camp places are filled and the last thing on parents’ minds is the first week in September when there is a sudden realisation that a certain PE kit didn’t return after Sports Day, that somebody has had a massive growth spurt in the holidays so their school trousers are now 2 inches too short or that a school blazer has been used one too many times as a goal post! Panic sets in, back to

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Ethical Policy

With an ever-increasing demand for transparency in terms of ethical policies from the global consumer, businesses are under intensifying pressure to ensure their overall business ethos conforms. One cannot simply assume ethical compliance; verification is necessary and it is widely expected that businesses produce and follow ethical policies.

The Team at SpeedStitch is committed to ethical compliance in terms of the general running of our business and in terms of the products we supply to our clients and customers. Being a supplier of school uniform and of thousands of other

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Fashion Stole Her Smile

Some of us here at SpeedStitch are unashamedly massive fans of Victoria Beckham! She certainly caused a stir here in the office when she launched her Limited Edition ‘Fashion Stole My Smile’ t-shirts. They’re such a simple, yet effective idea and totally in keeping with the slogan-tee trend of 2017.

VB claims the inspiration for this printed t-shirt came from her own comments in an interview where she remarked that her seemingly sullen expression has only been part of her signature look since she began working in the Fashion industry, claiming, “Fashion Stole My Smile”.

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Ten Top Tips for Caring for your School Uniform

Having been in the School Uniform business for over 15 years, we’ve come to know the garments we supply inside out (literally!). We want to provide our customers with the best quality at the best price when it comes to School Uniform and through the years of experience, we have come to realise that even though most School Uniform manufacturers produce ‘easy care’ garments, they still need to be looked after correctly in order to get the best value from them in terms of looking good and lasting for longer. At the risk of sounding patronising, here are some of what we believe to be the

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The Printwear & Promotion Show LIVE 2017 – worth the trip?

It’s always good to keep up to date with the latest equipment and trends, no matter what business you’re in. This year, for the first time, we decided to head up to the NEC in Birmingham for the annual Printwear & Promotion show.
Having worked in other sectors before coming to the embroidery and print industry, I’ve been to a number of different shows like this and, to be honest, I wasn’t convinced this trip was going to actually be of any benefit apart from the standard free pens (who doesn’t love a free pen?!) and the break away from the office. I was wrong!

So, what
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