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Leavers Hoodies 2023

Given that our area of expertise is garment decoration and that we have been suppliers of School Uniform for over 20 years, it is only natural that we would be able to offer much more than school uniform for our schools. Our aim is to deliver a complete package for schools so that life is made a little easier for them having to just deal with the administration of just one garment supplier and embroidery and print service provider.

Leavers Hoodies, t-shirts, tote-bags and mugs are unsurprisingly increasing in popularity in both primary and secondary schools across the country and even for universities. They’re far more appealing than the now illegible hand-scribbled final-day school shirts of a previous generation! With so many design options out there and a huge number of styles and colours to choose from, there is surely something to suit everyone’s taste. The most popular options for Leavers Hoodies that we have supplied is the classic College Hoodie with the school’s logo embroidered on the front left chest, and ‘Leavers’ or ‘Class of’ along with the year in numbers which are made up of the names of all the students in the year group. These hoodies are available in 85 vibrant colours and in a full range of sizes, so we cater for every individual’s taste. The Leavers Hoodies are often personalised with the name or nickname of the individual students which are printed with vinyl either on the back or along the sleeve. Another popular option is embroidered, or vinyl printed initials for the individual student on the front right chest, on the opposite side to the school logo.

Leavers t-shirts have become an alternative to the Leavers Hoodies in recent years, particularly with primary schools. A popular design is to have the school logo along with all the student and teacher names screen printed across the front of the t-shirt.

Tote-bags are an even more recent trend. Eco-friendly, organic cotton tote-bags are probably far more reusable than the t-shirts and hoodies. Take them shopping, use them as a handbag, laundry bag or even framing them! Everyone loves memories! Everyone loves a tote!

Mugs are another favourite, particularly with secondary leavers as it is something practical that they can take with them on their next chapter whether that’s to work, college or Uni.  A lovely reminder of their school days every time they have a cuppa!

For further information on how your School or University can order your Leavers Hoodies or gifts, email today for your Leavers Hoodies information pack and you’ll feel that sense of satisfaction as you tick that job off your ever-expanding to-do list!

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