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Wearing School Uniform For Home Learning?

School Uniform Friday was ‘a thing’ for many families in one of the previous Lockdowns (losing track at this point!).
Obviously as a school uniform supplier, we would love to hear that all our customers are continuing to wear those jumpers and blazers that we have lovingly embroidered for you! But on a more serious note - are there any benefits to doing this?! Will you be getting your kids to wear their uniform once a week? Or more? Feel free to email us your pictures of home learning in your SpeedStitch purchased uniform if you’d like to feature on our social media. Happy

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Lockdown 2.0 v Small Business

Well, it was inevitable really, wasn’t it? We all knew it would probably happen, and it’s not like we don’t know how it goes this time, right?! So in an effort to remain as positive as we can, I say let’s keep the spirits high, push forward as best we can, and now we can officially focus on Christmas…the most wonderful time of the year! Small Businesses matter and we cannot forget about them now. They are such a huge part of our communities! Let’s all do what we can to support each other and help each other get through this second Lockdown as best we can. In the lead up to Christmas

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Benefits of Wearing School Uniform

Benefits of Wearing School Uniform
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Back To School Shopping Guide

As parents ourselves, and having worked in the School Uniform Industry for over 20 years, we know only too well that Back2School can be stressful. Here are a few of our tips to help take a little bit of that stress away…

B2S 2020 Shopping Guide
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Thank You NHS T-shirts

We currently have a range of printed T-shirts and Tote-Bags in stock which can be worn to proudly show your continued support to our wonderful NHS.

In keeping with the ‘rainbow of hope’ and ‘clapping for our carers’ initiatives, these have been designed to incorporate both themes and to show we really do appreciate the work they are doing.

In addition to showing your support for the NHS by wearing one of these garments, you will also be supporting a local, independent Charity.
We have recently partnered up with CREST Waltham Forest and have decided to donate profits

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Supporting Small Businesses During & After Lockdown

Lockdown - April 2020

These are strange times for sure! Just a few weeks ago we were looking forward to holidays, planning for our busy Back to School season, and getting excited about some new developments we had been planning within the business. Right now, with all the uncertainty that surrounds this global pandemic, it feels like life is on hold and as a small, family business, we simply cannot predict where we will be this time next year. We don’t know how this will affect our business in the future, or whether all the hard work we have put in over the years

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Lockdown Survival Tips

We’re not claiming to be Lockdown experts here, but by now we are all becoming well accustomed to these strange and uncertain times. This time round, the weather is rubbish, the days are short, and so many more people are suffering the effects of this way of living. To try and remain positive is particularly tough, but perhaps these little tips (we came up with these just one week into Lockdown 1!) might offer a little hope or structure for the weeks ahead.

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Personalised Gifts

What is it about personalisation that makes it so popular? Serious question! You even get your name on your coffee cups at Starbucks these days! The closest I’ve come to wearing my name was on an engraved silver chain gifted to me for my Confirmation; I remember not wanting to wear it because it didn’t have the accent over the ‘e’ in my name. The furthest I’d stretch to on this now, is the wearing of an initial as opposed to my full name.
One gorgeous set of products with initials that I’ve come across is the Carolyn Donnelly Eclectic range for Dunnes Stores. She has designed a

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The Tote Bag

Be honest…how many of us have had a cupboard full of plastic bags that we swear we will remember to take with us on our next trip to the supermarket, but have ended up forgetting and been inexorably lured into buying yet another bigger, stronger, re-usable one with fancy prints and stronger handles that we vow to leave in the car boot so that we’ll have it for next time (…shamefully raises left hand)?!

This has been me in the past, and the more I think about it, the more guilty I feel. I have however changed my ways and re-discovered The Tote Bag (working at SpeedStitch has made

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Schools – Why Choose SpeedStitch as a Supplier?

We understand that for schools, choosing a school uniform supplier is not a decision that is made lightly. Careful consideration is put into this decision and so to help you to determine whether SpeedStitch would be the right choice for your school, we have compiled a list of some of the services and benefits we provide to schools:

  • Free, no-obligation consultations
  • Assistance and advice when deciding on new uniform
  • Sampling service
  • Free embroidery and print set-up
  • Direct supply of school uniform to schools
  • Bulk
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