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Visiting the school uniform shop during Back2School season

The annual visit to a School Uniform Shop during the busy Back2School season is generally not the highlight of everyone’s summer, so here’s a plan to help you navigate your visit:

1. Plan Ahead:
Check the shop’s opening hours (Google and Social Media updates) and choose a time that might be less busy. Weekday mornings or early afternoons are usually a little quieter than evenings and weekends. We also have extended opening times during the summer.

Make a list of the items you need to buy, including sizes and quantities. We have useful guides on our website to help with this. This will help you stay focused and efficient during your visit

2. Online Research:
Check out our website where you can browse all the approved and available items for your schools, prices, and sizes before your visit. This can save you time and help you make informed decisions.

3. Carpool or Use Public Transport:
There is strictly NO PARKING in the yard of the business centre during the months of August and September. This is out of consideration to our neighbours who are also trying to run their businesses as normal in the summer, and there are many vehicles that require space in the yard to deliver/collect from the various units on the site each day. Perhaps consider carpooling with other parents or using public transport to avoid the parking hassle.

4. Bring Essentials:
Bring a water bottle and some snacks, especially if you are bringing young children. There may be long wait times which can be frustrating for little ones. 

It might also be an idea to bring books or games that might help occupy little ones in the queue.

Unfortunately we have no customer toilets on-site and for health and safety reasons we cannot make exceptions. 

Carry a small notebook and pen to jot down any important information or notes to help you when you are being served upstairs.

5. Be Patient:
Please understand that there will be long wait times and queues during the back-to-school season.  Your patience is very much appreciated, and will help things to run more smoothly and efficiently.  

6. Consider Shopping Early:
If possible, visit the shop early in the back-to-school season to avoid the rush.

7. Allocate Enough Time:
Set aside a sufficient amount of time for your visit. Rushing can lead to frustration and missed items. 

8. Create a Backup Plan:
If the queues are very long, or if we don’t have certain items in stock, have a backup plan in place. This could involve visiting our shop on another day, checking out our online options.

9. Be Courteous:
Remember that everyone is likely in the same boat during the back-to-school rush. Be patient and polite with our shop staff and fellow shoppers. We will always do our very best to work as efficiently as possible and to ensure you have everything you need.  

10. Explore Online Shopping:
If the physical shop experience is too overwhelming, consider looking into our online options for purchasing your school uniform. We offer both Click & Collect and Home Delivery services, which can save you a lot of time and stress.

By following these steps and maintaining a positive attitude, you can make your visit to our school uniform shop during the busy back-to-school season a more manageable and successful experience.

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